MIGTOW 2.0: The 'Do Not Move Abroad' Debate

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MIGTOW 2.0: The 'Do Not Move Abroad' Debate

Postby Zedesky » Sun Aug 06, 2017 11:21 am

Curious whether you agree or disagree, and the specific reasons to back your choice.

This brother is talking about moving from G20 developing countries to third-world (or even some second world) countries.
But let's include in the discussion moving among G20 countries, say from the United States to Australia or similar examples.


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Re: MIGTOW 2.0: The 'Do Not Move Abroad' Debate

Postby WeeZul » Sun Aug 06, 2017 12:41 pm

I think of countries like a floating barrier. A sort of miasmic presence on the edges of your attention. Within the barrier are the social norms, laws, and mores of the country. How you address others, which way to drive, how to conduct business, what not to do, etc.

When you live in a country, the barrier is almost subconscious. You've been taught these norms for years. You're immersed in them. They are pretty much second nature.

When you visit a country, you're more easily cognizant of this barrier. People do things differently...sometimes very differently. When going from a first-world to first-world country, the differences are slight. I felt this when taking trips to Canada and Ireland. Only a few slight variances to keep track of. (Driving in Ireland was a trip; took me just over a week to get the hang of it.)

Where am I going with this? In some countries, the barrier contains the feminist narrative. Since we are MGTOW, we are adept in recognizing its signs, and so can avoid it. Thus, moving abroad to countries whose barriers otherwise agree with us is worthwhile. Yeah, places like Ireland and Germany have the feminist narrative, but we know how to avoid that part of the norm.

In other countries, the barriers may have very significant differences (even when disregarding the feminist narrative). Thus it's a question of adaptation. How much are we willing to adapt to this country's norms?

If we are willing, and capable, then there's almost no limit to where you can go.

But if your main goal is to escape the feminist narrative? You'll be hard-pressed to find a place where it can't reach you. And you'll have to make some big adaptations.
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Re: MIGTOW 2.0: The 'Do Not Move Abroad' Debate

Postby Entreri » Sun Aug 06, 2017 1:14 pm

A cuntry is just like the root word, cunt. It has no loyalty to any man, and will use him for whatever it can get and as much as it can get, and as soon as he's no longer useful it will discard him.

No man should be loyal to any cuntry, just as he shouldn't be loyal to any cunt.
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Re: MIGTOW 2.0: The 'Do Not Move Abroad' Debate

Postby Cherubino » Sun Aug 06, 2017 1:30 pm

The points in his video:

1. substance abuse
2. for a woman
3. a better job / lot of money.

Well, he keeps this video in very general terms, which makes it hard to disagree or agree with any of his points.

All three points are basically the same: his corespondents are trapped in the thinking that by a mere "moving overseas" life becomes automatically easier. I agree with him: don't do it for these reasons.

The last bit, about the capabilities to earn overseas, I disagree a bit. It is possible to create an income "over there" I have seen it multiple times. I largely depends on what you are doing and what you want to be doing.

Making your income dependent on an internet connection is a nice way to pave your next enslavement. You will need the connection to the locals.

In general I would say this: learn to speak, to read and to write in a second language of your choice. Then let's talk again about overseas and all that kind of stuff.
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Re: MIGTOW 2.0: The 'Do Not Move Abroad' Debate

Postby BeijaFlor » Sun Aug 06, 2017 8:30 pm

Cherubino, you speak for me as well, although I've got a bit more to add.

"MGTOW Money," as the video-maker calls himself, is "right on the money" with his three reasons, or rather his three motives to disregard the impulse to go expat. But I would offer something more fundamental: A lot of people are "fleeing overseas" to escape troubles that they're actually producing for (within) themselves, but they don't know it because they're so used to blaming others, or their neighborhood, or ... or ... or ...

Maybe it's the flip-side of the "herd instinct," or maybe a matter of hopes and dreams gone sour. Or, in some cases, the guy who's complaining that "everyone's an asshole" might be ignoring his own asshole behavior that starts the trouble ... I'm speaking in highly generalized terms here, folks. But there are a lot of folks who "escape to Paradise" in hopes of leaving their troubles behind, only to find their "troubles" follow them to Paradise and bug them there, too.

I've been thinking of moving overseas since the day in August 2000 when I looked around the bay of Piriapolis, Uruguay, seeing the neat little houses, the fishing boats behind the breakwater, and the high bluff behind the town, and thought, "You know, it might be nice to live here...." I've explored a few countries with that idea in mind, goaded as well by a colleague and friend who retired to his favorite South American city, and by other friends I've made who are living their expat dreams in yet other countries. Maybe one reason I haven't done it yet is because I'm not trying to "escape" anything; but life in a "tropical paradise" is tempting, and my pension would pay easily for a much nicer life-style.

Oh, and yeah, I wouldn't be looking for romance. I might seek out a location with a robust P4P presence, though.
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Re: MIGTOW 2.0: The 'Do Not Move Abroad' Debate

Postby Slade » Mon Aug 07, 2017 12:00 am

Of of the problems with moving to a 3rd World country is generating income. Just for starters, unless you have papers, and they will be next to impossible to get, you can't legally get a job. And even if you can get a job, the pay will be crap. Think working an office job, where you are expected to wear a suit, for $800 a month. And blue collar jobs pay far less.

It can work financially if you have a steady stream of income from back home, like a pension. If you have one of those many countries will welcome you with open arms (but still no work permit)
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Re: MIGTOW 2.0: The 'Do Not Move Abroad' Debate

Postby Morgu » Mon Aug 07, 2017 1:17 am

If you are american, be prepared to pay 10 years worth of taxes before leaving America. The IRS now bills american expats for 10 years of taxes, in advance.

Andrew Ryan wrote:All taxes are theft.
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