Consolidated radio thread

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Consolidated radio thread

Postby EddieS » Mon Mar 27, 2017 8:59 am

Emergency, portable or otherwise radios.

I put this here, rather than technology. Because of the application. If it needs to be moved to tech. No probs.

I start the topic because I know that there are hams here that know far more than I. I would like their recommendations, and maybe others could benefit also.

A portable, short wave capable radio is something I've always had. I grew up in a region prone to cyclones. So it was an essential part of a survival kit. When local fm, and regional am radio fails because of very large strorms. Sw is always there.

Digital age has seen a steady improvement in portability, sensitivity and dumbass user friendliness (aka: me).

I currently have a tecsun PL-310. For $50 it's pretty damn amazing.

I was going to get another to chuck in the car and leave there. But I thought maybe there is something just a little larger that I might like for the home that does more of the same, only better. Requirements are that it needs to take AA or 18650 batteries. I only use AA, AAA, and 18650.

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