Welcome to Area 51 - PLEASE READ

Forum for conspiracy theories, following the money, cover-ups, etc.

Welcome to Area 51 - PLEASE READ

Postby fairi5fair » Mon Feb 24, 2014 10:02 pm

This forum is about conspiracy theories.

Please do not flame one another or accuse others of being part of any conspiracy themselves. After much investigation into these matters, one can concoct a convincing line of accusation against anyone. Also, some people tend to go off the deep end into transdimensional demons from hell posing as extraterrestrials and impersonating people blah blah blah...

Please keep your skepticism and your dignity intact here. Rules 8 and 11 are especially important for this forum:

8. All rules are subject to the administrators' discretion. We expect members to have common sense and exercise it at all times.

11. No flaming other members, name-calling, etc. Once someone calls another member a name, their argument(s) is/are immediately invalid.

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