The Simpsons Subliminal Messages Re Trump

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The Simpsons Subliminal Messages Re Trump

Postby Greg Deman » Mon Nov 14, 2016 5:53 pm

Hollyweird is at it again.This one has been doing the rounds for a while now about how The Simpsons predicted Trump's presidential candidacy but there is a lot of confusion between two episodes, and it may be a deliberate effort to cause confusion. Regardless of this aspect of it there is also subliminal messaging in the second episode.

The first episode was from 2000 and the second from 2015. Predicting this in 2000 was not that far-fetched as he was asked this several times in interviews including an interview he done with Oprah back in 1998. This episode doesn't actually show Trump it's an episode where Bart sees into the future and Lisa ends up as president as Trump has bankrupt the country:

The second episode from 2015 shows him walking down the escalator and was after he had declared his candidacy and he had already walked down that escalator:

Again there seems to be a deliberate attempt to confuse these two episodes to show that they had predicted the future when they did no such thing.

But on to the subliminal part, in the next clip from 2015 we see the escalator scene and then Homer in a trance mesmerised by his hair:

Starting at the escalator we see signs showing "VOTE" and "PAID", why would it say "PAID"? that has nothing to do with going for election other than to somehow smear him.

Then we see a sign showing dates changing every 4 years up to 2028 with the Statue of Liberty looking wrecked as if he's never going to leave office.

A Neanderthal walking by.

Amelia Earhart scratching her head.

Several signs including Macy's with "GET LOST!"

The chimp scene from A Space Odyssey.

And so on.

Hollyweird at its sick, depraved manipulation again.
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