SETI -searching to end the waiting & hoping

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SETI -searching to end the waiting & hoping

Postby going this way » Fri Mar 17, 2017 11:52 am ... -turns-ten


I remember back during the zenith of my belief that aliens most likely exist, I read Popular Science often back in the 90's. I remember my excitement after reading about the huge SETI@home project that would be relying on mostly people volunteering computer time, their idle computers processing chunks of recorded data. A lot of similar programs came around after SETI@home -like folding@home on ps3, for other research though I don't mess with any of them. I would be using SETI since finding other life appeals more to me. I remember when SETI used to have leaderboards posted on the web of who processed the most information, what kind of pc they had, LAN, & so on. The program itself might still have leaderboards on it. Nice to see the @home project still going- almost 2 decades now. :ugeek:
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It's likely happening out there somewhere, just because you haven't heard that it is, or read somewhere that it is, doesn't mean it isn't happening.
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