rejection triggers lengthy screed

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rejection triggers lengthy screed

Postby ernave » Thu Apr 20, 2017 7:21 pm

Try to imagine a man writing an article in a mainstream publication about a woman he's never fucking met who breaks off contact with him; imagine that the point of this article is that she has unfairly wronged him. I know that many men get frustrated in the dating market, and they complain about it. Sometimes their complaints are justified. This one would not be. But try to imagine a mainstream news source printing it anyway.

I was sure I was flirt-texting with The One. Until he saw me on Instagram


Summary: twat accidentally texts the wrong number. The guy at the other end of the number texts her back, games the fuck out of her (seriously, his text game is on point) and she falls in love. I'm not kidding. This is just from text messages.

we eventually exchanged demographics.

Me: "32. Single. White. Female. Accomplished."

Him: "30. Single. White. Male. I'd like to think I'm accomplished. And I can cook."

I was mentally picking out my wedding dress. Maybe a barn wedding with Mason jars instead of wine glasses. And tea lights strung up in the beams.

Christ lady, calm the fuck down. This is crazy talk when all you've done is chatted. You sound thirsty as fuck. Also, telling a man you're "accomplished" is like a man telling you he's a gamer. He might be proud of that, just like you're proud of your job with the LA Times (where you write articles about parties you go to and wrong numbers you text - frankly, the gamer guy is more impressive) - but the opposite sex isn't interested in this shit.

I would roll my eyes if you texted me that, and I'd file it under "red flag." Career women are a dime-a-dozen and usually have giant chips on their shoulder. If you want to pique a guy's interest, try playing up feminine characteristics. Those are rare.

We exchange Instagram info and promptly stalk each other. He's cute, built, on the tall side, sails, has fun-looking friends. I'm beside myself.

"You're cute!!!" I text.


Ten minutes later. Nothing.

I'm beside myself. "Omigod," I text, "you don't think I'm cute."

You gave him ten whole minutes, eh? That would be red-flag number (at least number) two for me, and unless you were a supermodel (spoiler: we're going to get to that) I'd definitely cut you off right there. You are literally a crazy lady.

I also want to point out her description of him: tall, built. Doesn't that already put him in the top, say 25% of men? He's at least in the top 1/3. She also makes note of his social status, and given the way he gamed her via text, it's clear this guy has options. Keep that in mind because here comes the good part:

I feel it's important to note at this point that I'm attractive. I'm no Eva Mendes, but I'm above-average decent-looking, if that's OK to say about oneself. I showed his picture to a few friends to make sure I was in his league and he was in mine — we were, they assured me.

Okay, leaving aside the obvious naivety of "my friends assured me" - she says that she's above average. Well, let's have a look (and keep in mind, she lives in Los Angeles so her competition is actresses and models).

[Reveal] Spoiler:

You can google her and find more if you think I picked a bad one. I swear to god that's the most attractive pic I could find. She's the one on the left.

This bitch is a few pounds overweight (not exactly fat, but not where she needs to be), has really bad skin (there are other pics where it's obvious), and has an ugly face, particularly her chin. Now, I'm not trying to be mean to her, because I don't care enough to be mean to her; I only point all of this out so as to juxtaposition it against the guy, who is (from her description and the evidence) got it going on, and to refute her claim that she is above average. Not in LA, she's not!

The guy is out of her league, and she went to crazy town on him (the 10 minute thing), and there were other read flags too. So, sexual-market mismatch plus the mistakes she's made = he rejects her. He doesn't tell her off or anything. He just stops texting.

It's really not a big deal. It happens to everyone.

I wasn't hot enough. I wasn't a 10. I wasn't a model or an actress with perfect hair and size 0 jeans

Basically, yeah. This is all true. And so what? He can pull dimes. And he has a right to his standards, even if he can't get them.

The tone of these sentences is that he's wrong; that it's unfair that he treated her this way. Which brings me back to what I started this post with. Imagine a man writing this. Like, if a man posted this here at mgtowhq I would tell him to stop his bellyaching. But in reality, men get frustrated when they go through 100 women without getting a response - when they're messaging old bitches and fatties and not getting responses - that's at least a little understandable.

But this lady? She got rejected just once, and by someone out of her league, and she writes a whole article about it and the LA Times fucking prints it! Isn't the patriarchy supposed to prevent her from spewing this shit on the internet??

This level of entitled crazy is just not at all worth dealing with.
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Re: rejection triggers lengthy screed

Postby The Signal » Thu Apr 20, 2017 8:38 pm

Gotta love a happy ending.

Seriously, even though I stay away from the dating world almost religiously (and have done so for many years now), I've been noticing stuff like this more and more: women are finding themselves in a desert and cannot for the lives of them fathom how it got there. That's what happens when you burn everything to the ground.

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Re: rejection triggers lengthy screed

Postby Valentin d'Arimathie » Thu Apr 20, 2017 9:11 pm

Damn... Even at 150 days of Nofap I wouldn't have touched it. Give me the Antifa-girl over that anytime. And you weren't lying about her other pictures; I checked her instagram and on some she could easily pass as a granny. There's something unexplainably repulsive about her face that no amount of "accomplishements" could ever counterbalance.
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Re: rejection triggers lengthy screed

Postby WheelBarrow » Thu Apr 20, 2017 9:54 pm

Even out here in flyover country she is a 4 on her best day. It's really no fault of her own but she is a product of her genetics and they gave her a rather masculine look in her face and hands. She can make up for some of that in any number of ways, but it's not going to be easy. The fact that she's already 32 and clearly has wedding rabies and likely baby rabies soon, isn't going to help matters at all. At best worst she'll settle and make some man's life a living hell.

But flipping out after being ignored after only a short time of texting? She just made it plain to any man that will Google her in the future that she is nuts.
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Re: rejection triggers lengthy screed

Postby Devil » Thu Apr 20, 2017 11:09 pm

Not even at my thirstiest would I have considered her as dating material. I bet this guy is just thankful he was able to do that through text. Women don't handle rejection well face to face.
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Re: rejection triggers lengthy screed

Postby toolate » Thu Apr 20, 2017 11:55 pm

She has a "hard" face. Her inner bitch shows through.
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Re: rejection triggers lengthy screed

Postby toadman » Fri Apr 21, 2017 12:52 am

You can see your future miserable life right there. Jeezuz, was it concrete, brick or cinder-wall?
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Re: rejection triggers lengthy screed

Postby EddieS » Fri Apr 21, 2017 1:27 am

If average looking means she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every fuckin branch on the way down. Then yeah, she is average.

As far as sexual marketplace for men 30 or under goes. She is in the bottom 5%. Only because she isn't badly obese and retirement age.

Delusional as always.
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Re: rejection triggers lengthy screed

Postby DruidV » Fri Apr 21, 2017 6:31 am

Bitch hit every single branch on the way down.

With her fucking face.

Seriously, brothers, she looks like a fucking guy, has the body of a '59 Cadillac, has canary tits, fish mouth, perma scowl, TCS and a surprising lack of self awareness, even for a chicken head, yet she nevertheless still has the entitlement complex of a 10/10, 18 YO natural blonde with real 36 dd's and an untapped snatch.

Fuck out of here with that shit, you dumb cunt.

These fucks can't die off quick enough.
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Re: rejection triggers lengthy screed

Postby Demosthenes » Fri Apr 21, 2017 7:47 am

At thirty two, even if she manages to nail down an engagement really quickly, that's still about a year till the wedding. So she marries at thirty three, and probably wants to get pregnant immediately, meaning that she's thirty four when the kid is born.

She's no young new mom. She's got all this 'pressure' on her. She is likely at least getting attention from family and friends and even some strangers over 'the big event', but it won't be everything she has built up in her head.

She definitely won't be a happy camper after giving birth, with the changes in her body, and the new little life she is now responsible for waking her up often demanding to be changed, fed, be held, comforted.

All of these women think 'a baby is going to make them happy'. News flash: You're externalizing your happiness AGAIN onto a defenseless helpless being who may love you unconditionally, but unconditionally must be one hundred percent cared for.

Regular sleep is months away after they are born, and even if that comes early, your sleep will never be the same again. Walking is over half a year away, sometimes up to about a year depending on the kid. But even at 7 to 9 months, walking is a whole new headache of mobility and waiting accidents for the kid. And then there's diapers until you can get the kid out of those. Two to three years of shit and piss, and smelling it, and seeing it isn't actually an ideal happy fun time either.

But hey, if this woman has this baby, then she'll be happy, right up until the moment she realizes she is not, and that doesn't even address the problems coming if she suffers 'post-partum depression'.

What women, and men fail to realize is that under modern marriage, all women are single mothers. In marriage, they are single mothers still attached to their partner by choice. In divorce, based on the 85+ percent custody assignments (female bias and female privilege in the courts), they are officially single mothers.

Men are just considered objects of payment extraction for the single mother whether or not the single mother allows the male to live amongst the family. All the marriage contract really is is just an official agreement that the man will pay when the woman ends the 'relationship'. And any woman who still pretends that there is anything romantic about marriage is living in a fantasy she herself pushes knowingly or unknowingly in order to pressure men into a bad business contract with her, and usually, it is because she 'wants to be happy'. Funny how those things never seem to be enough either.

Babies do not bring you happiness.
Clothes and other things you buy do not bring you happiness.
Other people do not bring you happiness.
A husband, nor a wedding will bring you 'happiness'.

All of these things might bring a momentary bit of happiness into your life, but that's different than achieving happiness. Words. Brick wall. Whatever.

I don't have to concern myself, and I won't with trying to 'make someone else happy', and I'm certainly not interested in 'sharing and depleting' my life now with someone who will only bring it down with demands and complaints because she is looking for someone 'to make her happy'. Fuck that noise.
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Re: rejection triggers lengthy screed

Postby MisterPho » Fri Apr 21, 2017 8:43 am

Yeah, totally piling on here, but checked out her instagram and she's a hard 32.

If you're gonna look like that, especially in a place like LA, you gotta compensate for that sort of thing.

A few pics in and I see a shot of one of her article titles saying something like some person should have been an abortion.

If any of her other articles are like the one in the OP, then yeah, game over (wo)man.

The danger and crazy of women is becoming ever-more apparent, and they show it off under the banner of "Grrl Power" and "Strong Independent Women." Buzzwords and catch phrases can no longer make the crazy/dangerous marketable, certainly not when they show off their crazy/dangerousness with such beaming pride.

If they weren't so potentially life-ruining, they'd be hilariously ridiculous caricatures.
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Re: rejection triggers lengthy screed

Postby ZionDweller » Fri Apr 21, 2017 6:54 pm

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Re: rejection triggers lengthy screed

Postby Midas » Sat Apr 22, 2017 8:23 am

How dare he reject her! The transphobic bastard!
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