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Postby Pointerman » Wed Jul 16, 2014 12:52 pm

Decided to rip up some old carpeting in my house. House was built in 1950's. Took up a corner of the carpet and there are hardwood floors under it.

They are looking so far to be in pretty good shape even. There had been carpet and padding on it and of course all that was stapled down and tack strips on the edges.

Any suggestions on how to handle finishing the floor? I am not worried about the finish on the wood as it looks fine but the amount of wholes in the flooring from the staples and tack strips could lead to some type of water damage if something was spilled on them so I want those filled in.

Was kicking around the idea of using some type of clear water seal on it would that work or do I need to do the whole sanding, fill then seal on the floor? Any suggestions would be helpful.
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