Epley Maneuver

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Epley Maneuver

Postby corvair61 » Thu Dec 15, 2016 8:39 am

I have had a problem with Vertigo for about 20 years.

On all occasions it happened when I woke up.

At first it was minor and would pass within a couple hours. Not fun but it was rare and I just dealt with it.

Over the years I got progressively worse episodes. I would wake up and the world would spin. To see me walk you’d have thought I was totally shitted.

I did some self-diagnosis and determined it was allergies. So If I woke up with it again I’d pop allergy pills and it would pass at some point.

My worst episodes were a full day, but next morning it would be gone.

If anyone has ever had this they know how debilitating it is. You are disabled.

I would lay on the couch and not move my head. Any walking was treacherous.

Two weeks ago I wake up and I have another episode. I start popping allergy pills. It is very bad and I hardly move for a full day. I am miserable.

Next morning, still the same. Another day popping allergy pills, no relief. A third day and it is still with me. I am now realizing I need to see a doctor.

Not the point of the story, but my gf took off work and drove 130 miles one way to come get me and drive me to the doctor.

My doctor looks in my ear real quick and tells me there is nothing wrong in there. He mentions some crystals or rocks in my inner ear that he thinks have become come loose from where they belong.

He tells me there is a therapist in town that does some maneuver that gets them back in place.

I didn’t care how I got relief, I was willing.

So it turns out he does a maneuver called the Epley Maneuver.

I had never heard of it.

He does it and I get 95% relief. I went back the following day and got full relief.

I had never gone to see a doctor about it and it was as simple as turning my head a few different angles.

I am pretty excited about this. I never knew when it might happen, but now I can perform the maneuver myself and fix the problem.

If anyone has vertigo problems and does not know of this maneuver. Check it out. For a vertigo sufferer, it is awesome.

Another version that might be easier for some.

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Re: Epley Maneuver

Postby corvair61 » Thu Dec 15, 2016 8:50 am

A little more info...

You can do either of these maneuvers without worry of dislodging the crystals.

I have done it myself several times since the therapist helped me.

I am pretty grateful to have found it.

Cunts......... :D
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