Amazon Prime Sale: Instant Pot & Anova Sous Vide stick

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Amazon Prime Sale: Instant Pot & Anova Sous Vide stick

Postby No4Dad » Tue Jul 11, 2017 9:23 am

Today is Amazon Prime Day.

If you have Amazon Prime and you were thinking about getting an Instant Pot (I recommended one sometime earlier in this forum), then you can pick one up today for $90 ($40 off).

It's great for both pressure cooking and slow cooking. I use mine quite frequently. I use it as a "one pot solution" for many meals just to keep the cleanup easy.

Just realized that the one that's on sale is the 8qt model:

The thing to consider there is that their most popular unit is the 6qt DUO which has an older version ($100) and a newer version ($120). The reason I mention that is that you'll need to check for extra pots, lids, and accessories, to see if they'll fit. It's like: Everything fits the 6qt while only some things are made for the 8qt. I wouldn't waste money on the Bluetooth version. This is a set it and forget it kind of device.

There's also the Anova Sous Vide Bluetooth + Wifi Precision Cooker on sale:

If you want to play around with it then it's probably worth it. I really haven't gotten anything out of my sous vide cooking that I thought, "Wow! This is awesome! So much better than the regular way!" It can be useful for things like brisket which would require many hours (12+) tending to a smoker. For everything else I'd just do it the normal way. It's really just a water oven and, as such, you sort of end up with just oven-cooked food albeit slightly juicier but, really, you can do accomplish that on your own if you just pay attention.

As an example, I recently tried ribs in a number of ways:
- Smoked for 6 hours using charcoal. These were the best.
- Smoked for 6 hours using electric. These were pretty good (I have an electric grill on my deck and used the Amazen tube smoker)
- Slow cooked for 12 hours in the Instant Pot. These were really good considering it's "oven ribs" and you're missing the smoky goodness. Still, if you want ribs, this worked really well. You can probably get away with less time.
- Slow cooked via sous vide: About the same as a slow cooker (Instant Pot) but way more complicated. With the Instant Pot you season the meat, toss it in the pot, and let it cook for the day. With Sous Vide, you seal up each of the pieces of meat, put it in the preheated water bath, and let it cook for 12+ hours (12 hours being the minimum) and then pull it out, save off the juice if you want to spice up the BBQ sauce (you can still get the juice from the slow cooker), and then "finish it" in the oven/grill because it'll have a boiled look to it.
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Re: Amazon Prime Sale: Instant Pot & Anova Sous Vide stick

Postby Phathack » Tue Jul 11, 2017 1:20 pm

Thanks for the heads up, No4Dad

I have been looking at the Instant Pot for a while and just wouldn't pull the trigger on one, at 30% off I fell better about spending the money.

So can now retask my existing slow cooker to hobby uses and have the Instant Pot for food.

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