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Postby mongolking » Wed Jan 18, 2017 8:53 pm

Never thought I'd ever be doing this. Writing the praises of cabbage. But here I am.

Sauerkraut is fermented cabbage. You basically slice a cabbage as thinly as you can (after cutting out the dense root part), stick it in a bowl, and sprinkle a small amount of salt over it, at a rate of 20gm per kilo of cabbage (an ounce per 3lb). Every hour or so, you work the cabbage and salt together with your fingers. The salt draws out all the moisture in the cabbage, and makes it go limp. It also kills off all the undesirable micro-organisms, leaving only a few more desirable ones. The ones that make the lactic acid which pickles the cabbage, both preserving it and improving the taste.

After several hours, the cabbage is ready to bottle. I wash a litre jar, then place it in the oven at 200C, and as soon as it's at that temperature, turn the oven off and let it slowly cool. When it's cool, in goes the limp salty cabbage. I ladle it into the jar with a spoon, and pack it in as hard as I can with a wooden spoon. When the jar is almost full, I top it up with the juice lying at the bottom of the sauerkraut bowl, and loosely screw down a lid. Loosely matters, because over the next two to three weeks, the cabbage will ferment and give off gases. If the lid is too tight, the jar will explode under pressure.

Also, while it ferments, the smell will be reminiscent of fart. If you're ok with this, by all means, arrange your sauerkraut around the living room.

I prefer to place the jar in a bucket, cover it with a towel, and place it under the house in a dark place. No light means no algal growth, which means better chances of success (the towel keeps the flies off).

Three weeks later, when there are no more bubbles rising in the jar, into the fridge it goes, to be consumed at your pleasure.

Nothing goes better with sauerkraut than good sausage. Cover a plate with kraut, drop on a couple of well-cooked favorite sausage, and maybe a couple of boiled new potatoes. Fantastic.

If you can get good rabbit, boil it slowly in coconut milk, bacon, onions, celery and potatoes, then ladle it over a plate of kraut. Cover with spring onions, parsley and lots of pepper. Chicken will do if you can't get rabbit.

Wash it down with a hearty red wine like Merlot, Cab Sav, Syrah/Shiraz or Malbec. Be glad you're a man.
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Re: Sauerkraut

Postby MrPolityczny » Thu May 18, 2017 3:41 pm

mongolking wrote:Nothing goes better with sauerkraut than good sausage. Cover a plate with kraut, drop on a couple of well-cooked favorite sausage, and maybe a couple of boiled new potatoes.

Yes sausage and sauerkraut like each other, but if you want really harvest full Slavness power from the cabbage you have to make things a little more complicated...

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