Cleaning Gutters

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Cleaning Gutters

Postby Greg Deman » Sun May 15, 2016 5:24 pm

I started doing this as a part-time (evenings/weekends) business about 7 months ago and the work is coming in nicely.

The benefits are:

1. Low start up costs, you basically need an extension ladder and a few basic tools and a car to get started.

2. Cash in hand, I do residential work only and it's all cash.

3. Excellent income, where I live I can make about €60 per hour just doing the gutters.

4. Add on services, as you increase the workload you can buy more equipment like a water fed pole or a pressure washer and add these on to your jobs e.g. fascia cleaning, conservatories, windows, driveway cleaning etc. and increase your earnings to €100 per hour.

5. You get to take plenty of money from empowered women and single mothers who don't need a man. :lol:

The downside:

1. It is weather dependent and/or seasonal depending on your climate.

2. It takes time to build up your customer base, a lot of it is recommendations.
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