Hoping for the best

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Hoping for the best

Postby SardonicYuda » Thu Dec 31, 2015 5:45 pm

I've decided to once again tighten my belt and work towards having some means of wealth for when I get out. Since my family situation back home is rather shaky I've accepted that I will have to cut back on sending them prepping supplies(food, water, all that good stuff), which for now allows me to doubt down on my savings and investments.

The way I look at it I can't risk putting all my eggs in one basket and even though I use a credit union, my general rule of thumb is to not trust financial institutions, especially with my bail-in concerns. I have to assume the dollar might not collapse by the time I'm done with my current contract, so I'm putting together a decent sized savings fund(for a single guy who's only expenses are internet, phone, weekly haircuts and laundry/hygiene).

It kinda helps that the military is getting a 1.6% pay increase(basically anywhere from $5 to $25 more depending on your rank and time in service). At any rate, my original goal has been to have around $19k saved up in precious metals(mostly silver). The price of precious metals does change on a daily basis, sometimes quite drastically or only by a few cents. The way I see it, if the price goes back up even modestly by the time I get out, I can sell the precious metals off(if I'm so inclined) for a decent return, or a very large one if the price ever goes up much higher.

Now I have to be aware that you can't eat gold and silver, and that I should indeed focus on guns, ammo and all the other goodies preppers go after. However, as I mentioned the hectic situation with my family, I can't exactly trust any of those assets to go there. Partly because they both lack a lot of space and in all honesty I don't want people fucking with my stuff. I trust my dad with my safe for the most part, but that's just because it doesn't take up a lot of space and would be easier for him to move in the event(hopefully) he decides to GTFO of his current relatioshit(which I'm kinda hoping to influence him to do).

I gotta say, while being single and in the military does suck, the extremely low expenses if something very gratifying. What's also good is that a good bit of the guys I work with have several of the same sentiments as I do.

But I digress. When it comes to my money, it just takes a little willpower to avoid ordering out all the damn time and cutting back on the booze to even have a good bit of cash for myself and my own stupidity. I'm honestly just hoping I'll be able to enjoy the investments I'm making in the future.
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