Inner game for talking to women

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Inner game for talking to women

Postby RejectionEquality » Wed Jul 23, 2014 5:51 pm


I thought about posting this over in the General forum, but decided to put it here because I'm on the prowl lately. I think it's very applicable to any situation involving women, but it's still in its infant stages.

With as much as I detest soundbites, I've been trying to come up with a soundbite for years now (a mantra, if you will) to keep in mind when dealing with women in any way, shape, or form. Bear in mind that a significant portion of my time has been spent studying Red Pill literature, and it's all boiled down to this.

I've been pondering this thread a lot recently, and it's struck a chord inside of me.

Whenever the inevitable happens, and I am forced to converse with a woman (or I want to get my dick wet), here's what's going through my mind now:

She doesn't exist.

It's a triple-edged sword, too. I have a nasty habit of thinking back to ex-'s and getting emotional. It slices through those thoughts like a hot knife through butter. And rejection becomes painless.

She doesn't exist.
She doesn't exist.
She doesn't exist.

It seems to be effective. And it has me thinking that the essence of the Red Pill (and MGTOW) is this: women don't actually exist. My mom didn't exist, my sister doesn't exist, and the girl I'm banging doesn't exist.

Treating a woman in such a way instantly seems to work on their child-like mentality. I've long tried to figure out how to ignore them (which drives them CRAZY), but it's been hard for me. Not only do they make it difficult in general but I sometimes want to fuck them.

This one thought seems to make it a lot easier.

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Re: Inner game for talking to women

Postby Entreri » Wed Jul 23, 2014 7:10 pm

Hm. Sounds good. I'll give it a try whenever I decide I'm willing to interact with them enough to fuck one.
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Re: Inner game for talking to women

Postby BlueBlood610 » Sun Jul 16, 2017 5:17 pm

I like it. To elaborate, it's the ideal we hold in our heads of each women, be it mother, sister, or girl we're banging, which does not exist. But for a short mantra, I like it. I have the same nasty habit and the same issue struggling to ignore them and stay out of their frames.
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Re: Inner game for talking to women

Postby Fox » Sun Jul 16, 2017 10:07 pm

RejectionEquality wrote:Whenever the inevitable happens, and I am forced to converse with a woman (or I want to get my dick wet), here's what's going through my mind now: She doesn't exist.

I don't think 'She doesn't exist' properly conveys the dangers involved with being around women, especially to the extent of fucking one (enjoyable as it may be).

I'm sorry to say that I now see the majority of women like evil children in TV and movies with special powers who can destroy anyone they don't like. At any time and for any reason, rational or irrational, they can and will destroy a man's life by saying three little words: "He raped me".
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They lack the emotional maturity required to fully realize the magnitude of their power and the empathy to understand (or even care) what these false words can do to someone. They can't be reasoned with and they can't be talked out of wanting what they want because they're controlled by their feelings rather than rational thought.

You can do everything right and still end up as one of their targets. Thanks to victimhood being made a virtue and their natural attention-craving nature, your life as you know it is over. All because she was having a bad day and you were the last person she was with. 'She doesn't exist' doesn't help much when her three accusatory words are pointed at you.
That's what goes through my mind anyway.
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Re: Inner game for talking to women

Postby Notorious GIT » Sun Jul 16, 2017 11:26 pm

It's not a sound bite, but get your thoughts about them right. Not she, it. Not a person, a thing. Not her, that. You have to retrain yourself to remove all the vile and odious lies you've been inundated with your whole life and swim through every day you have any interaction with society that has got you believing on any level that they are human. Stop yourself from anthropomorphizing an animal merely capable of imitating human speech.

Women are like guns. Fun to own, fun to oil, fun to shoot...


... but they can ruin your life. The primary difference is your gun isn't a semi-sentient ambulatory thing like a woman is that society has made the egregious error of allowing to believe it has human rights and opinions that matter.

So just like with a gun, recognize that you are going to be attempting to enjoy something that can kill you or destroy your whole future. Except of course, vastly more dangerous, way more maintenance, will constantly shit test you, and something you'll have to tolerate when you're not using it instead of just put it away. And all for the purpose of at absolute best, and rarely enough to be considered statistically null, a marginally better experience getting an orgasm that you can provide for yourself.

I seriously doubt I'd go any further than renting one with a LOT of safeguards in place to insure she could never find me. I'd advise the same, but each their own. Can't blame you if you want to rock climb without a rope, it is a rush.
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