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The Rules

Postby fairi5fair » Tue Feb 18, 2014 3:25 pm

1. As your first post, you must post an introduction of yourself in the New Member Introductions forum.

2. No posts glorifying violence, suggesting violence, encouraging violence, or mentioning violence in any way that is a liability for the continuation of the site.

3. No using this forum as a place to organize attacks on other sites or forums.

4. No taking extreme examples of individuals behaving badly as being explanatory for all members of any particular group, race, sex, age, etc.

5. No posts which encourage or glorify cruelty to animals.

6. No posts sharing links or material which you are not authorized to share, this includes copyrighted material whether in or out of print/production.

7. No posts suggesting or encouraging illegal activities or crime in general.

8. All rules are subject to the administrators' discretion. We expect members to have common sense and exercise it at all times.

9. Do not claim to write or speak on behalf of anywhere for any reason.

10. No pornography or posting about one's sexual frustrations or desires.

11. No flaming other members, name-calling, etc. Once someone calls another member a name, their argument(s) is/are immediately invalid.

12. No spam, soliciting goods or services, or promoting other businesses or websites for personal gain.

13. By using this site, you agree to allow to repost content you upload on another domain with full credit given for authorship, in the event that becomes inoperable or unavailable.

14. No posting fat ass Harley Quinn cosplayers in chat*. Use the spoiler button if you must in a post. I don't take away your Santa Claus.

-Revised Feb 20, 2014, f5f

-Revised 16JAN15 GIT

*Addendum to Rule 14: or in PM, threads, replies, quotes, via copy & paste or attachment. Do not look at fat Harley Quinns while logged into HQ in another tab. Do not allow one computer or device with an open tab or saved photo of a fat Harley Quinn open to touch a computer or device on which you have the HQ open. Do not think of Harley Quinn as being fat ever. With the exception of the preceding rules, do not use "Harley Quinn" and "fat" within 7 words of each other in the same sentence. It's MGTOW HQ after all. Coincidence? Or dash cunning on my part?

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Re: The Rules

Postby hasmat » Thu Feb 19, 2015 1:38 pm


From time to time, members of the board wish to leave. On occasion, some ask that all their posts be deleted. While we want to follow those wishes, there are a few things that must be considered.

Obviously, a new poster with half a dozen posts doesn't present much of an issue. However, when a veteran member leaves, and may have hundreds of posts, it simply doesn't make sense to delete their posts because all of the replies will still have their posts in the quotes when they are replied to. There isn't a way to remove all of those without editing each and every post that contains them. We simply DO NOT have the time to do this.

Additionally, as admin staff, our objective is to keep this place open and the information presented in a logical manner. Even if there were some "magic button" that we could use to eliminate the quotes found in replies, it would likely result in a nonsensical thread. It would also mean that things could be taken out of context.

Therefore, in the future, if any member asks to leave, UNLESS THERE EXISTS A COMPELLING REASON OTHERWISE, the posts made by that poster will remain.

In the event that we do attempt to remove all traces of a user, for good cause, we ask you to be aware that we cannot guarantee that every single thing will be removed.
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