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MGTOW Moments in your daily life

Postby awakenedexsheep » Thu Dec 15, 2016 3:06 pm

MGTOW Moments

My YouTube recommended video listed suggested Perry Como's “Magic Moments” after listening to it, the term “MGTOW Moments” came into my mind, stuck and didnt fade

Since then, daily I have kept about my person a small notebook and when I have a “MGTOW moment” I have noted it

* So just what is a MGTOW moment ?

This could be ANTYTHING really. But the 'moment' is associated directly to being a MGTOW.
Would it happen if you were married ? If you had kids would this not happen ?

It could be a good feeling, something that made you laugh, made you sad, a thought, a sense of dread, happiness at another's suffering, it could be a moment when you realise how different things would be if you had been married, been with children,

* When can a MGTOW moment occur ?

It could happen in traffic, while shopping, at work or even at home watching TV or taking a dump.

A MGTOW moment can happen anytime, anywhere

It is my hope if we keep this thread ongoing or sticky-ed with significant “MGTOW moments” getting posted daily, it will grow over time paint a wide and varied picture of just how life is so much better and the grass being greener on the MGTOW side of life.

Here is some of my ongoing list in no particular order,

* I call my buddy to wish him happy birthday, and it takes under a minute to do. Imagine the yadda yadda yadda you'd have phoning a chick. 5 mins plus about pointless crap

* Movie nudity is virtually always female. Sweet

* A weekend break away requires just one suitcase.

* Barbers don't rob you blind, like funky hairdressers do.

* Watching TV clicking through the channels, you can click and click and click at speed, without any moans

* I realise all my orgasms are real.

* Out shopping I realise I don't have to lug a bag of 'useful' stuff around everywhere you go.

* I have the ability to go to the bathroom without a support group.

* I don't have a fucking man-cave. ALL my home is MINE

* You really you can eat food from the kitchen floor you have dropped. It doesn't kill you

* Saturday night ready to go out for beers and I can be showered and ready to go in 10 minutes.

* In city centre, I see an advert for “A Wedding fair” outside hotel and shudder. Bullet fucking dodged & thousands saved there

* Someone forgets to invite me to something (thought I would be working) he is still be my friend.

* My under-clothes cost less than £10, not £100+ for brad, panties, suspenders, tights, slips and shit

* I don't have to shave below your neck if I dont want to

* None of my co-workers have the power to make me cry. I have my 'fuck you' fund. If it goes tits it, fuck it here's my resignation

* In a novel way, a little snow falls overnight and going to work I realise I can write my name in the snow.

* Driving to our other work depot, I realise I can quietly enjoy a care free ride enjoying the views from the passenger's seat with no words or stupid discussions.

* Have you seen how much a decent bunch of fucking flowers is these days – jeez !

* Walking for my weekend broadsheet paper I see a man mowing lawn and his fat wife, stood on doorstep cigarette in one hand and mobile phone in the other hand shouting into it. An extra smile crosses my face as I say “Good Morning” to him”

* Walking through city centre very late after Friday night poker night in casino, I see three couples shouting at each other, several others females crying, numerous carrying high heeled shoes, and dozen queuing to stuff their fat fucking faces on kebabs & pizza. Good night cunt-cakes

* I have about 20 pairs of socks and they are 90% are all black, they dont need to match

* I have four pairs of shoes & trainers and that is more than a fookin enough. I have one pair of feet, and when these goes tits up or leak I will buy a new pair

* At work I chuckle to myself I can eat a banana in full view without people around me thinking the worse

* Cleaning my bathroom up, I admire the sparseness of it. No bottles, lotions, potions, and a dozens of hair care crap. Doing the shower cubicle, there is a lone bottle of show gel nothing more.

* Out with a normal blue pill buddy and I realise I never compelled to stop a pal from getting laid if he wants to. UI will happy dive on the grenade of the fatty mate cock blocker if it helps him. Friends helps friends.

* Knowing a little about cars and under the bonnet, Car mechanics actually tell you the truth and dont ass rape me on the price

* I don't really give a rat's ass if anyone notices your new haircut.

* Aren't urinals fucking great just roughly point you piss in the rough direction and it gets there with hardly any mess and never a fucking line to wait in to park your piss like women

* You just can never have enough bottle openers, as I get a freeby from the local pub on a promotion
Its Friday night, and its poker night, and I have been to poker for the past 9 weeks straight without having to check and asking “it is OK to go to poker tonight dear”

* Sat on the Metro going out to the coast for a walk I realise I can sit with your knees apart no matter what you're wearing and am happy to mansplain

* At work, “Overtime tonight anyone ? Yup sign me up” no discussion. More work.....more pay for fucking me ALONE!

* Closely related to the above MGTOW moment, while treating myself to a nice all over massage with my regular masseuse, I ask for the cost of 'additional extras' to treat myself – why the fuck not ?!

* A few stray gray hairs fall in skim while combing – sad for a sec then remember I'm ageing like fine wine and don't age like a bucket of rotten fish heads left in the desert sun like post wall cum-dumsters

* I read a wedding article in local Metro newspaper, average price for a wedding is £21,000 – Jesus fucking Christ. I joke in my head – Yeah and the divorce down the road costs your shit loads more. On with the day

* I hear two twunts on the bus calling a work colleague. I think to myself I really couldn't care less if someone's talking behind my back, I really couldn't.

* Treat myself to a lovely slice of custom cheesecake for a local deli after work, and realise I don't have some harpy twunt mooching half off me, because she answered NO when you asked if she wanted a slice brought back

* Walking through local shopping centre (mall) some woman is carrying her hand bag and string along boyfriend has around six bags are for women's shop. Jesus, grow a fucking pair of balls please.

* On a day off I just fancy a game of snooker so I just go and play by myself. No questions, no notes, no Spanish inquisition questioning “where you going to honey, when will you be back” ?

* Checking my online banking and see my £5 per month come out for my mobile phone, same as last month and the same as the previous month before.

* I have a nice bet come in from the weekend football, cash it out and have a nice wad of around £500 I don't need to hide it, move off site, tell anyone about it, lie how I got it, explain anything of it

* My natural urges get the better of me, find some porn. Boosh, job done, itched scratched, 5 mins over, kitchen roll flushed. NEXT

* Buy one bottle of malt get a second bottle bottle free – whats not like about that !?? wont go off or out of date or out of fashion 12 year plus aged already – YAY !

* I realise in my closed little world of me me and only me I can rationalize the majority of my behaviour with the handy phrase "Fuck it."

* I meet up with a few mates after work and another guy has the same Ted baker shirt on, WOW what are the odds of that I think, what next we just might become lifelong buddies. Just wouldn't happen with women turning up in the same now would it ?

* I pick up a left newspaper on the train and get to the obituaries page and think to myself, I wonder how many of these deaths were caused or accelerated by broken marriage, kids, child maintenance (alimony), meddling big daddy government ?

* An occasional well-rendered belch or fart is practically expected and functionally useful when one is by oneself .

* With two buddies in casino bar area on weekend, the best of the bunch of ladies opposite our table starts trying to make inroads with me with conversation, a well remembered back handed compliment of old sends her mind in a spin “I like how you're not obsessed with how you look dear”. Burst their bubble, fuck their egos

* Walking how, you see a chick with one of them shitting little chihuahua dogs and wonder what the reaction would be if you punted the little cunt like a football

* I over hear two cuntcakes yammering on the train “Oh, its Wednesday, its pizza night tonight when I get home” Fuck that, EVERY fucking night is pizza night if I want it

* Fixing some machinery at work, and I wonder if something mechanical doesn't work, you can bash it with a hammer why cant you do the same with a women and expect the same results ?

* Christmas coming soon, and its not even fucking Halloween. An entire quarter of the year with twunts getting in the way, spending money they haven't got on shit they don't need for people they don't like

Well that is all for now, must sign off Thursday night if pool league night and beers are calling – night peeps. Really looking forward to reading others “MGTOW Moments”
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Re: MGTOW Moments in your daily life

Postby dazedandconfusedrp » Thu Dec 15, 2016 3:51 pm

Friend of mine told he spent 4 years getting himself in debt going out drinking and partying and getting laid.

Lucky for him he found a good job with really good pay which he has had for 2 years, but next month is the first month that his pay doesn't get deducted.

He was 5 figures in debt.

Fuck, I love being MGTOW and debt free.
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Re: MGTOW Moments in your daily life

Postby Eidolon » Thu Dec 15, 2016 3:55 pm

I am headed home on the train..and of course I am *sssssssstttttoooonnneeeddd* and jamming out. Just DGAF rockerboy with a bookbag and a yoga mat. So Northwest ya?

I got my shit spread out and somebody is gesturing at me to remove the headphones...

Its a little hottie..gutterpunk AND piercings. She is high as fuck.

"Hey do you know which way we are going? I dont know this city...I'm from Alaska".

She proceeded to run "damsel" game and did it very well.
We got off the train and got high. Still..I know where this is headed. Its me headed home to fuck her...and while she is cute..I am not trying to take a random home on a worknight. Cause I like them to stay over , wake and bake, and eat breakfast. Just my thing.

Spider sense says "lie lie lie lie". There is hard drugs in the mix..the affect is subtly wrong..she lies too well and is too smooth. She has tried to "catch" the 6 times. Even 1 "catch" is atypical..even for a supposedly homeless streetrat.
"You used like 3 words I never heard before..most people maybe one"
"You wear beads..they mean something..what is it?"
"You crouch like that when you hold the bowl..?"
"You are really tall and move fast!"
"Why havent you asked me my name?"

She is claiming to be homeless...but thats not the truth.

So I left her my number and bounced. It was going my own way in spades. Ignore them and they swarm to you. Just worthless sacks of crap.
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Re: MGTOW Moments in your daily life

Postby Primus_Pilus » Thu Dec 15, 2016 4:37 pm

When someone tries to shame you for being single and you realize that they don't evoke a single emotion other than contempt.

When a girl flirts with you and you look at the situation and think "I can take her or leave her" ... so you leave her.

When you find a nice gun/motorcycle part/hobby item for a few hundred dollars and you think "Why the hell not?" and either put it on your card or pay cash ... and you don't have to explain shit to anyone.

When you forget how many guns are in your collection

When you hear anyone talk about how "three months pay" for a lump of carbon on a thin previous metal band is expected, and you look at them like they are INSANE. - that is basically a fucking CORVETTE for some of us

When you realize you will never have to pay $850K for a 6,000 sq ft house that a parasite wife wants you to buy in a 'nice' neighborhood.
800home.jpg (77.52 KiB) Viewed 2767 times

No mini-vans ... EVER

When you look in your garage and see all the power tools you ever needed ... and a string of motorcycles taking up some free space.

When you go out to dinner and decide on the 4-5 star restaurant (like Ruth's Chris steakhouse) for a solo meal and your realize that if you'd brought a date along it would have been Appleby's, Red Lobster or Chili's as your restaurant to spend the same amount.
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Someone really should do something about this. Women at risk of living life is just unacceptable.
Maybe the platter should be made bigger and more silvery.
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Re: MGTOW Moments in your daily life

Postby womanhater » Thu Dec 15, 2016 4:56 pm

When I lay down alone in silence with my queen mattress all to myself - knowing that I will not be woken up for a bullshit conversation meant to keep me sleep deprived and irritable and therefore more easily manipulated.

When I wake up to silence free of a shrieking harridan blathering about how "stupid" a Mensa member with multiple graduate degrees is because he loaded the dishwasher "wrong".

Every time anything in my life is annoying I simply breathe and remind myself that at least I'm not married and my entire mood is instantly elevated.
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Re: MGTOW Moments in your daily life

Postby Orangutan » Thu Dec 15, 2016 5:17 pm

dazedandconfusedrp wrote:Fuck, I love being MGTOW and debt free.

Me too. I have tons of cash in reserves. I don't even really budget for that to happen. I just don't spend that much money, and I still live pretty good by my own standards. I eat and drink whatever I want whenever.

If I need to buy a planet ticket or new laptop, I pay cash. I seldom need to use my credit card or "wait till payday".

Married guys are usually on a budget, broke and/or on a short leash.

Oh, and hundred of thousands in debt and the next twenty to thirty years to pay it off.
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Re: MGTOW Moments in your daily life

Postby fester » Thu Dec 15, 2016 5:30 pm

All of these thoughts and observations speak to me of freedom.

I have my life laid out the way I want it...the MGTOW lifestyle in a nutshell.
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Re: MGTOW Moments in your daily life

Postby ZionDweller » Thu Dec 15, 2016 7:13 pm

1) When you see a VR system online that costs 900 USD and you can buy it outright without a second thought.

2) When a guy you know is working 2 jobs and doing overtime and sees none of the money because all of it goes to his wife.

3) When you go to the supermarket and know exactly what you want to buy and it takes you just over 5 minutes. On the way out you see a guy arguing with his gf because she doesn't want him to buy any pork.

4) You purchase a new gaming system (Gtx 1080, 2TB SSD, 16GB RAM) but another grown man has to ask permission from his wife and is forced to buy an underpowered system that can barely play games from the 90's.

5) When you wake up on a Saturday to complete peace and quiet. The entire day is yours to do with as you see fit. You can chose to stay in bed for longer, go out, play computer games all day, work out or just read a book.

6) When you realize that no matter how good pussy might be, or how good she looks, or how much she comes on to you. Nothing beats complete and utter freedom.
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Re: MGTOW Moments in your daily life

Postby jeffer » Fri Dec 16, 2016 12:29 am

When you heard the special snowflakes at work endlessly talking bs, all day long, with their scritchy voices and you say to yourself you have the benefit to not have a clone of that at your own home :ugeek:
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Re: MGTOW Moments in your daily life

Postby Polk High Waterboy » Fri Dec 16, 2016 1:56 am

I can approach a small chalkboard with a message stating "Where do you see Canada 150 years from now?", I can lick my finger and erase the "WO" off (while everyone is carrying on with their daily business) to someone's reply, "Respect and Equality for women around the world"! I wonder how long it's going to take for someone to notice?

Should I take a picture of my message and if someone decides to alter it, would I have a legitimate case for discrimination?
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Re: MGTOW Moments in your daily life

Postby Zuberi » Fri Dec 16, 2016 2:00 am

When I can leave a shopping center without having to buy Christmas presents
for some twat's rugrats. 8-)

I might need to produce a video on the subject.
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Re: MGTOW Moments in your daily life

Postby Self sufficient » Fri Dec 16, 2016 3:56 am

Fuck me dead!
This subject really open's a can of worms.

1.When you see how much it cost's to send children to a private school.Anywhere from 5K to 25K here in Oz.
2.When you see some chump being berated like a child.
3.Retiring early with more than enough money for you needs and some.
4.Not having to go places that you don't want to.
5.Not having to visit her friends that bore you to tears.
6.No begging for the pussy and trying to play your cards right all night for a possible root.
7.Not having to worry that she's rooting around on you behind your back.
8.No nasty credit card bill surprises.
9.No "We're having a baby"
10.Xmas can be a non event and cancelled completely if you so wish.
11.No "Chick flicks"
12.You can rub one out without being caught with her exclaiming "Ew gross"
13.No jewelry,perfume,dress,shoe,hairdo expenses.
14 No mother in law,scheming or interfering in the background.
15.You can get pissed if you want and act like a total dick with no repercussions within reason.
16.Your options are fully open if you want to get some stray.
17.And best of all,you are 100% safe from being financially and emotionally plundered by divorce.

It just doesn't get any better than this.
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Re: MGTOW Moments in your daily life

Postby Robert Anton Wilson » Fri Dec 16, 2016 4:12 am

1. Talking to men about : the Venona Transcripts, the Cold War, and John la Carrè novels--not having to hear from a woman that these things are stupid.

2. Hearing from married men that have to hide their porn collections from their wives.

3. Playing golf, hiking, fishing, or bowling anytime I want.

4. The freedom to listen to guys such as Tom Leykis, Opie & Anthony, Patrice O'Neal, Adam Corolla, Joe Rogan, Ramzpaul, and Jim Norton.

5. After speaking to a co-worker who told me his wife blocked the show Nip/Tuck because she thought it was perverted.

6. Seeing Cat Ladies (grocery shopping, in a mall) who are obviously in education. I think to myself--I never have to deal with these cunts.

7. Getting into my car on road trips--listening to: Type O Negative, Danzig, The Cult, GNR, and Social Distortion.

8. Thinking of my BPD sister, remembering how she destroyed her ex-husband and is damging her own children.

9.The freeom of belitteling women's sports and pointing out how dyky these women are.

10. Sleeping in my cool, dark bedroom--not having a woman complaining about how cold she is.
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Re: MGTOW Moments in your daily life

Postby Notorious GIT » Fri Dec 16, 2016 6:03 am

Time off work:

Become nocturnal because reasons.

Wake to cartoons and the rest of last night's bottle/s of whatever helps to not care that the world is fucked.

Binge reread 6 6-700 page nerd novels over about a dozen days.

Fall asleep and wake whenever.
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Re: MGTOW Moments in your daily life

Postby Moby Dick » Fri Dec 16, 2016 6:33 am

Today was my day off.

Woke up this morning, and ate a big plate of BBQ ribs that I'd prepared myself yesterday evening. No fries, no coleslaw. Just ribs. In my pyjamas.

Got peckish around lunchtime and ate some crispy bacon on top of ramen noodles. No veg, just noodles and a shedload of bacon.

Now it's dinnertime, and I'm finishing off my ribs. I've spent my day off reading, relaxing, eating pork and smiling.

I guess this entire day has been an extended MGTOW moment.
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Re: MGTOW Moments in your daily life

Postby Eidolon » Fri Dec 16, 2016 9:35 am

Moby Dick wrote:
I guess this entire day has been an extended MGTOW moment.

With godliness and contentment is great gain.
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Re: MGTOW Moments in your daily life

Postby chiefbrownmonk » Fri Dec 16, 2016 12:19 pm

Robert Anton Wilson wrote:10. Sleeping in my cool, dark bedroom--not having a woman complaining about how cold she is.

Fucking fuck. This is something I miss because my woman keeps the house at a proper soupy 25. To quote me this morning, "maybe the polar bear and the camels don't belong in the same enclosure.". Fucking meant it too.

Goddamn tired of this. Sex, cooking and everything else I get is simply not worth it if I can't get any fucking sleep.
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Re: MGTOW Moments in your daily life

Postby Dissenter » Fri Dec 16, 2016 3:05 pm

I love these types of threads.

Here's a few more:

Don't have to be quiet so she can take the second or even third nap of the day.
Can watch something other than HGTV.
Don't have perpetually redecorate the house when it looked fine from the last redecoration.
Don't have to put put out all kinds of seasonal shit to show the neighbors how festive we are.
I come home to a clean house. The sink isn't full of dishes.
Don't have to listen to her complain how she can't find a decent job when I already know she's not going to work any kind of job - EVER.
Don't have to get together and offer free food and drink to people that I don't even know or like just so she can post some pictures on FB to show other people how much "fun" she's having.
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Re: MGTOW Moments in your daily life

Postby Plague Doctor » Fri Dec 16, 2016 3:26 pm

Stay up late playing Skyrim, then reading William Gibson in bed. No complaints.

Got extra practice time with my music teacher Friday nights. No social events need going to.

Heading to a holiday party. Only need one train ticket.

Heading to a metal concert. No compromises or scheduling.

Got lazy and ate a bunch of takeout. Still cheap for 1 person.

Talked about my friends getting married. Rejoiced that it isn't me.
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Re: MGTOW Moments in your daily life

Postby SardonicYuda » Fri Dec 16, 2016 5:06 pm

stay up all day and night in my underwear playing vidya and killing myself with junk food

spending evenings after work at the gym and reveling in the burn and dangerous amounts of preworkout and caffeine needed to keep me moving.

being able to booze up with guys and also whatever the fuck Bourbi is

recovering from any of the above mentioned activities in the relative peace and quiet of wherever I happen to be at the time.

enjoying cigars and pipe tobacco with gentlemen of good taste and of poor taste and feeling smarter because of it

enjoying said tobacco on my own away from everyone

being free to mutter to myself like the crazy fuck I am without being called..... well crazy

generally being a weirdo and loving every second of it.
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Re: MGTOW Moments in your daily life

Postby Alistair » Fri Dec 16, 2016 7:43 pm

Love that moment when Cupcake realises to her horror that you are NOT going to validate her by paying her one iota of attention more than is strictly necessary.
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Re: MGTOW Moments in your daily life

Postby dazedandconfusedrp » Fri Dec 16, 2016 10:31 pm

Realizing that the bombshell 10/10 girl at uni kept her boyfriend a secret for 4 years because she was hoping a better guy would come along and approach her.

That same girl then having a few drinks with a friend of mine until she spills the truth that she expects to quit working at 30 because she expects the man to work and pay for everything.

Then having my friend act shocked and disgusted.

While that shit didn't even phase me.
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Narrator: I can't get married, I'm a 30 year old boy.

Tyler Durden: We're a generation of men raised by women. I'm wondering if another woman is really the answer we need.
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Re: MGTOW Moments in your daily life

Postby Merlin » Sat Dec 17, 2016 12:01 am

I don't think there is much I can add to this thread. You all have covered things nicely. I do have one instance that I was reminded of again today. I think I have posted this before but it belongs in this thread.

Red Pill at the supermarket.

Going down the isle to the next item that I need. Guy is talking with his wife and his cart is at a 45 blocking the isle. He doesn't even look at me but notices me out of the corner of his eye. He lifts the back of his cart and gets it out of my way before I even have to slow down. As we pass each other we acknowledge each other with an almost imperceptible nod.

The above happens more often than not when coming up on a guy blocking the isle.

Contrast, woman looks DIRECTLY at you while on the phone with her cart taking up the center of the isle and no way for you to pass. She then directs a snide look at you when you get over as far as you can and she still does not have room and has to deviate 4 inches. This happens with at least 50% of the women shopping.

All I can think each time this happens is, "Fucking Cunts."
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When speaking with most women I find my capacity to give a damn has been overshadowed by an over abundance of go fuck yourself.

I looked into the abyss. At first I was afraid but then I looked further and studied it. After a while I began to understand the abyss. Then the abyss looked back at me, I smiled and it ran.
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Re: MGTOW Moments in your daily life

Postby The Signal » Sat Dec 17, 2016 12:13 am

^^^ This is easy: don't move over for them--I never do. Bring some Skittles with you to enjoy the show when they react.
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- The Signal
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Re: MGTOW Moments in your daily life

Postby going this way » Sat Dec 17, 2016 1:07 am

Every time I post, & some times when I read posts of others here, getting insights of philosophy & other ideas. Too bad we couldn't all just meet up for a drink or something a bit.
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