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Postby Valentin d'Arimathie » Mon Dec 19, 2016 3:09 pm

Gentlemen, I just came out of a 30-minute long liquid nitrogen shower, during which I froze my balls to death to make sure I make it to day 90 (I'm at day 89), and I can't think of a better time to give you my three-month's report.

First, I will respond to a question you must all be asking yourselves : 'do you get superpowers by doing Nofap ?'. And the answer is a big YES. I mean, it's crazy what I'm able to do now. I can look at my sister's naked shoulders without jizzing instantly in my pants (but that may be because I now freeze my balls on sundays before the family meals start). And when I talk to members of the opposite sex, no more stuttering and no more looking at my shoes. At day 78, I even was able to maintain eye-contact with a random girl in the street for a good 2-seconds before I ran back to my lair. I mean, that's crazy, right ? I'm still a virgin but, wow, what a journey...

Ok, in all seriousness, I'm really doing a nofap experiment and here is my report.

What I got from Nofap (or what I, at least, attribute to it) :

The Good
- Morning, nocturnal and diurnal woods came back, which can be a problem during your day-to-day interactions with women.
- More time, motivation, energy and less procrastination.
- My ability to remember dreams came back.
- More social agression, charisma, as it was previously pointed out. Social interactions being overall more enjoyable.
- Completely forgot about porn. Porn-acquired tastes fading away.
- Activities like listening to music, eating, etc., became a lot more enjoyable. I even had a gustative orgasm while eating cheese (with tears of pleasure).
- Speaking of tears, I can now cry at will, like a skilled woman, which is weird. But it's a great anti-game tool to have. Can't wait to try it. I've become so easily movable I think I cried more during these three months than in all my life. Music, cinema, literature... If it pushes the right buttons, I cry.

The Bad
- Blue balls for a few days (totally manageable).
- Having to pee excess seminal fluids. This is actually the worst drawback I got from Nofap. Far worse than blueballs.
- Intrusive sexual thoughts I had to cast away regularly. But the thoughts were not centered around acts or bodyparts, and they didn't involve non-irl girls, as it used to ; it was mostly about seducing real girls who popped up on my radar, up to making out. Yes, I now fantasize about just making out (how fucked up is that ?).
- The major drawback being (from a MGTOW perspective) : your brain will push you to get the chemical highs you had during your fapping days through interactions with real women. For example, it makes me flirt automatically when I interact with women I find attractive and, problem is, most of the women I would have perceived as average or even ugly before, now can very easily become attractive to my eyes. Single mother ? Not a problem. Fupa ? Let's just forget about that. Crooked teeth ? That's actually cute ! No right arm ? Well, you just need one arm for handjobs. You are 70 years-old ? Wow, I thought you were only 50.

As a_real_man said :
Even females that you would normally consider fucking ugly will be attractive. It's like (black) magic. When you look at a female, you will not see her, you will see a blurred figure with feminine aura and you will be attracted to it.

It is exactly my experience. You don't see the women you're speaking to. After a few seconds of interaction, it becomes blurry and you don't see them anymore, you project a feminine aura onto their eyes and smiles, and you get turned on. I can now get boners by talking to ugly girls... All they have to do is being somewhat feminine and pleasant.

The main issue being I now give away unintentional IOI's to random girls. Like biting my lips, or looking at third-party girls when in a group while somebody else is talking to me. Luckily, I'm quite handsome, so I don't appear as creepy as someone less blessed would, but still... I think it can damage my reputation if I'm not carefull. For example, the other day, a cashier had a sudden jolt when she gave me my bag of items, for she somehow interpreted or saw that I was turned on (I was, but I had no intention to make it clear). The worse being : I'm, without a doubt, feeding a lot of female egos lately and, what's more, on a daily basis...

I can't imagine the state of vulnerability Nofap put the young bluepilled guys who try it in (is this sentence correct ?). No fap without redpill knowledge is certainly a recipie for disaster, especially if your only or main objective is to get a girlfriend. And even redpilled men should be carefull : if it makes you forget about fupas, it will easily put you back in a purple pill state, in the bargaining phase, where you're looking for good reasons to associate with females, and unicorn clues to rationalise it.


So, in my experience at least, the benefits far outweight the pitfalls. Great self-improvement tool overall but to be used with caution. If you think you might have a problem with porn, just try it for a few weeks and see for yourself.

Edit : grammar.
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Re: No Fap

Postby ZionDweller » Mon Jan 16, 2017 11:23 pm

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Re: No Fap

Postby Notorious GIT » Tue Jan 17, 2017 2:36 am

Currently on about day 8,000 of Yesfap, and here's my report:

The good:

1. I'm better at maths! I figured out all by myself in my head that in 4 months of an average 4 times a day, given the volume of my... um... product... I make about the weight of 4 hefty newborns in jizz!

2. That's right! Less than half the time of a cunt to make one! AND with none of the bitching or two decades of costs!

The bad:

1. NO.

The ugly:

1. Well, they fuckin all are, or we wouldn't be reading this, now, would we?
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